Company presentation

MAPLAST AB was founded in 2005 as a result of an agency agreement between ARLA PLAST AB in Sweden and the former Director of the Opaque Division, Niklas Magnusson. 

ARLA PLAST AB is the leading supplier in Scandinavia in producing thermoplastic sheets made of ABS, PC and PETG. The typical customers are transformers of plastic sheets and end users (OEM:s) buying high quality custom made plastic covers. In July 2006 MAPLAST also started a cooperation with PRIMEX PLASTICS LTD (UK) in the field of Polyolefin sheet. Jan 2019 we started to cooperate in the sales of Thermoforming machines and 5-axis CNC Machine Centers from CMS (IT) in Sweden and Norway.  

Our sales area covers all of Sweden, Norway and Finland*

*Only Primex Plastics Ltd

Contact us: 

Postal Address: Jarnvagsgatan 1
+46703098470 (direct.)

MAPLAST AB Besöksadress: Stora Torget 3, LINKÖPING. Postadress: Järnvägsgatan 1 59634 SKÄNNINGE
Niklas Magnusson 070-309 84 70,   |     Kate Willenhed 076-000 08 06,

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